First, let’s look at the leading arguments:

Abortion is unsafe for the Mother.

  • Untrue, the death rate, (from medical procedures), is less than 1 in 100,000.
  • The “Abortion Pill” has a better safety record than common OTC meds like Tylenol, or Viagra.
  • Legal abortions are safe procedures. Illegal, desperate abortions are not.
  • Maternal death rates are expected to rise above 20% if legal abortions become unavailable.
  • This rate will not include undocumented, uninvestigated back alley abortions and suicides.
  • Abortion bans endanger mothers who are not seeking an abortion by delaying procedures to address pregnancy-related emergencies, (like bleeding from Ectopic Pregnancies).  Medical professionals, who fear criminal prosecution, are often hesitant to provide needed care.  These deaths will not be calculated as “Abortion Related Deaths.”
  • Maternal death rates are predicted to be much higher among poor women, undocumented women, and women of color.

Life begins at conception, making Abortion murder.

  • Untrue, a fetus has no meaningful brain activity (consciousness) before 24 weeks.
  • The lack of brain activity is universally accepted by doctors as “Brain Death,” therefore not life.
  • If the fetus isn’t legally alive, ending a pregnancy can’t be considered murder.
  • Beyond science, this is supported by tradition as well.  A terminated fetus, (through abortion or miscarriage) is considered medical waste, much like an amputated limb. Funeral services are not traditionally performed.
  • Life beginning at conception is a religious, (Christian), position unsupported by the Bible.

Legal Abortion promotes irresponsible sexual activity by promoting the “disposal” of potential life.

  • This is primarily a religious argument, and there is little or no statistical evidence that this is true.
  • However, this argument gains support from the general public as the pregnancy progresses into later stages.

Abortion bans deny bodily autonomy.

  • A total abortion ban, with no exceptions for the mother’s health, rape, or incest, is absolutely a loss of basic human rights.
  • Primarily, abortion needs to be a decision made between a woman and her doctor.
  • Once consciousness is achieved, and especially when the child is viable outside the womb, this argument diminishes.

Birth Control, Health Insurance, and Sexual Education can make abortion unnecessary.

  • The availability of information, (in all its forms), has reduced abortions.
  • Abortion rates in 1981 were 29.3 per 1000 women.  In 2019 that rate was just 11.4 per 1000 women and falling.
  • To suggest that any level of information would negate the need for legal abortion is absurd for reasons so obvious I don’t feel the need to list them here.

Late or Full Term Abortions should be illegal.

  • With no exceptions for the health of the Mother, rape, incest, or rare instances where medical advice strongly suggests abortion, this is an unacceptable infringement of basic human rights.
  • Once consciousness and viability become factors, and there are no logical exceptions, this argument becomes stronger.

Second, let’s take a quick look at the politics:

Republicans – Abortion is the single most powerful wedge issue they have, and they have zero interest in solving it.  The rights of women, the welfare of the mother/child, none of that matters to them.  Using this issue to win elections is their only concern.

Democrats – The Left has championed abortion rights as a basic human right for decades, saving an untold number of lives.  However, the fact that this debate has raged for over 50 years, (and recently resulted in the overturning of Roe v. Wade), is due in part to Progressive Overreach. The unwillingness, (of a minority on the Left), to accept reasonable limitations on late-term procedures contributed to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Abortion – Logical Solution

Let’s get a few caveats out of the way first:

  • Yes, I’m a man with an opinion on what is primarily a women’s health issue.  If you have a problem with that, please read no further.  Just know this, my goal is to help secure abortion rights for women. Maybe now is not the best time to attack supportive voices.
  • No, I don’t address the responsibilities of the male involved in the pregnancy because:
    • If a male is responsible for rape, incest, or some other crime, the law is clear.
    • The male’s rights never supersede the women’s right to bodily autonomy.
    • We must support and empower women to own their sexual and reproductive rights.
    • The male’s responsibilities are considerable, but that’s a different subject matter that shouldn’t impact a women’s right to legal abortion.
  • A logical compromise rarely makes everyone happy, and it often fails to make anyone completely happy.  With that in mind, my solution has only three goals:
    • Be a compromise that most Americans can embrace, and fewer can argue against.
    • Give both sides of the debate something they can embrace as a “Win.”
    • The ultimate goal is to save the lives of women by putting this divisive issue behind us.

Women’s Productive Health – Smart Choices

With all rights come responsibility – Educate every young woman on these choices:

  1. The choice to be in control of their body, their sexual and reproductive life, or not.
  2. The choice to use prescribed Birth Control, or not.
  3. The choice to consent to Sexual Activity, or not.
  4. The choice to report Non-Consensual sex, (rape, incest, or any sexual assault), or not.
  5. The choice to use Protection during sex, or not.
  6. The choice to use Post Sex Pregnancy Preventative Medication, or not.
  7. The choice to recognize Early Signs of Pregnancy, or not.
  8. The choice to seek a Medical Evaluation for Pregnancy, or not.
  9. The choice to terminate chemically during early Pregnancy, or not.
  10. The choice to terminate surgically before the fetus reaches consciousness/viability, or not.
  11. The choice to terminate surgically due to the medical advice of her doctor at any time during the pregnancy, or not.
  12. The responsible choice to carry the child to term.
  13. The irresponsible choice, (by not making timely choices to terminate), to carry the child to term.

Once the fetus reaches consciousness/viability, and there are no recognized exceptions or medical concerns for the mother or child, the responsibility/repercussions for not choosing to terminate (using the choices listed above) should fall on the mother, not the child.

The right solution is to balance Choice with Responsibility.  Education, Empowerment, and Smart Choices will save lives.

Share your thoughts! I will update this brief to reflect the thoughtful, logical feedback I receive.